Studio legale Baccaredda Boy

The Firm

The firm was established in 1994 by Carlo Baccaredda Boy, who branched out and developed his own independent practice after initially assisting his own clients at one of the most prominent criminal defence law firms in Milan.

The firm comprises the founder, numerous solicitors, trainee lawyers as well as a civil law specialist, who also provides legal services at our firm.

Our team of professionals, which includes some of the best graduates in criminal law, is known for its commitment to the academic sphere, its extensive publications and for participating as keynote speakers in countless conferences and seminars.

The firm provides assistance to its clients in a number of criminal law areas both in and out of court. In addition, the firm is also responsible for drafting and implementing organization and management models aimed at preventing crimes leading to entity liability per LD n. 231/2001.

The firm has developed its own skills and competences in corporate and financial criminal law matters, with an emphasis on company law, banking and finance law, bankruptcy law, tax law, customs law, IT law, industrial and intellectual property law, labour law and environmental law.

In-depth analyses are carried out in relation to cybercrime, crimes against both Italian and foreign public administrations as well as to criminal liability in the field of sport.

Investigations into the so-called white-collar crimes have increasingly been followed up – irrespective of any criminal proceedings – by the need to apply preventive measures against the person and his/her property rights. Indeed, the firm provides assistance insofar as preventive measures are concerned, which are completely separate form criminal proceedings and, as such, require an additional set of more complex specialist skills.

Furthermore, the firm has gained experience over the years in matters concerning medical liability and has therefore organized and participated in conferences geared towards the medical profession. Similarly, involuntary offences require interesting and diverse types of legal assistance. In this regard, the firm has also been involved in criminal liability proceedings such as the Linate Airport disaster and the Morandi Bridge collapse in Genoa.

Some of the firm’s partners are founding members of the Milan’s local chapter of LAPEC (the permanent centre for direct and cross-examinations). Through its permanent study group, the LAPEC association, whose members include magistrates, lawyers and university professors, aims to scrutinize those provisions governing due process and fair procedures.

The firm can provide legal assistance in conjunction with civil law experts who work in the field of labour law and administrative law. The firm also collaborates with well-known professionals who have been working as consultants or experts in criminal proceedings for many years.